Samsung Galaxy S7 – A disappointment?

Samsung Galaxy S7 – A disappointment?

Samsung always releases some new flagships every year at the MWC. This year was no different as the Korean company finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge which have been circulating the internet from last year. The rumors had hit an all time peak and the release of the flagship came at the right time. It has come with a number of killer features that are getting raves.

samsung galaxy s7 disappointment

Great features

The battery life of the S7 is at 3000 mAh. This is a step up from the cell that was in the S6. It gives the user more talk time, more juice to access different features and applications without worrying about running out of power and the freedom not to carry an extra battery pack as insurance that the charge will not run out within the day.

The S7 also comes in a waterproof form. It is a great feature that has one of the highest ratings. It can survive half an hour in a shallow pool of water without any damages. Of course you have to wait for it to dry off before connecting it to a charging cable. But you can also use wireless charge it which makes it even better! Can you imagine being able to watch movies in the shower or even using the phone by the pool without worrying about impending danger through submersion?

Let Downs

The S7 has also come with a number of disappointments. The first is the non-removable battery. Sure, there has been an addition in cell power, but people want to carry an extra pack around in case of anything. The ability to remove the battery also helps batteries last longer because they are not charged too much. The non-removable battery is a by-product of the beautiful metal casing and the awesome design. However, most users would prefer to have both, which the S7 does not.

Quick Charge 2.0 is also a disappointment. Why would Samsung use the 2.0 when there is the latest technology in 3.0 which is faster and more efficient? It makes the users feel as if Samsung just threw in the wireless charge feature but was not willing to go the extra mile to improve it.

To add to the disappointments, Samsung has the USB port 2.0 which makes the transfer of files super slow. Well, it could be slower, but that does not negate the fact that Samsung could have looked into having the Type-C port that is being perfected by Google. This would have made transfer of files to PC and other devices faster. Who does not want a faster device?


In as much as the S7 is a great step-up from the S6, Samsung could have done a better job to make users even happier through improved features. On the bright side, it is the newest in the market and is worth the buy although it is quite expensive. We can only hope that Samsung will step up with the next flagship.