Top 10 Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

A case is more than just an accessory. It is a necessary tool that protects your phone from bumps, scratches and even breakage. When you buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy S4, you use quite a pretty penny to get the awesome display that is HD, the smooth performance and the great camera. It is therefore natural to look for the different ways to ensure that the phone is kept in perfect condition. One of these ways is by buying a phone case. The top ten cases to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 are:

The Incipio Atlas Case



It comes in pink, white, black and grey colors. It is available on Amazon at $90. The case provides four layers of protection for your handset. It is dust and waterproof up to 2 meters for thirty minutes. It may be bulky but it is stylish. With the polycarbonate, silicon, TPU mix and a tempered glass, it protects your phone when dropped and helps keep it intact.


PureGear FabFolio Case



This case has card slots and a money pocket on the inside. It costs $30 on Amazon and has a magnetic closure seeing as it is a flip case. It has cut-outs so you can use the phone without removing it. You can also fold it for use when the phone is on landscape mode. This acts as a stand.


Urban Armor Gear Outland Case



For $35 on Amazon, this case provides an industrial design and stands out because the colors are set in contrasting tones. It is attractive and combines a tough exterior with a soft core that absorbs shock so the S4 is protected from falls and drops. It has a transparent variety and other colors to choose from.


Zero Lemon Battery Case



This bulky case also acts as a battery case, adding an extra 7500mAh for your Galaxy S4. It is a mixture of TPU and hard plastics so it can handle bumps and falls thus protecting the phone. It is available on Amazon and costs $40.


Tech21 Impact Mesh Case



The case is made of flexible TPU and a special D30 lining. It protects against the impact due to bumps and falls and is available on Amazon. The case goes for $35 and is smooth and comfortable to hold. It has cut-outs for all the features.


TYLT Energi Case



It is available on Amazon and costs $80. It is a battery case that allows you to slide off the battery when it is not in use. It has the added advantage that it does not block NFC and comes in blue, red and lime green colors for buyers to choose from.


Trident Kraken A.M.S Case



At $22 the case is available on Amazon. It protects from different elements, falls and bumps. It has a screen protector and a kickstand at the back that acts as a stand when the S4 is in landscape mode.


Lifeproof Fre Case



The case is waterproof up to 2 meters. It is snow, shock and dust proof and is available for $80 on Amazon. It is fairly slim for the protection it offers the S4.


Cygnett Black Leather Case



This case is made of genuine leather and has all the cut-outs for all the features. It is classy and provides an executive look. It is available on Amazon and goes for $40.


Mophie Juice Pack



It costs $100. This is quite expensive but the battery case adds an extra 2300mAh battery. It is comfortable to hold but quite heavy. It is available on Amazon.