10 Ways to protect your Smartphone

10 Ways to protect your Smartphone

Cyber crime is rising with every single day as the hackers from all over the world trying to breach some or the other thing. It is commonly understood that cyber crime is limited to big companies databases or government information. However, it can be a personal attack as well. Yes, even your smartphone is at risk of hacking all the time. There are many examples of smartphone hacking where the attackers took photos, videos and other information from the phone to misuse it. It can be very disturbing for anyone apart from losing your personal data.   Smartphones of many politicians and celebrities have already been hacked, but you can save your phone. There are some easy to follow methods which can protect your smartphone from the hackers. Here are the 10 ways to protect your smartphone from the unethical hackers.

1. Use Screen Lock


You should be very careful about the screen lock and use the encrypted pin, pattern or face detection, fingerprint detection or any other settings available in your phone. This gives you the extra bit of advantage from the hackers.

2. Lock the Important Apps


You have many important apps in your phone that contains vital information. You can simply lock the apps in order to increase the security level at the second stage. You can use apps to get that done if you do not have the settings available in your phone for locking the apps.

3. Permission granted on Apps


Whenever you are downloading an app from Play Store or App Store, you are asked for some permission and you must go through all the permissions and uncheck whatever not required. It makes sure that your app does not access anything useful.

4. Avoid Public Network


If you are doing something important like transaction, then you must avoid using a public network. It becomes very easy for the hackers to hack your phone in Public Network.

5. Security App


You can use various apps for the enhanced security of the smartphone and its features.

6. Use multiple Accounts


You can use multiple accounts to protect the privacy of your phone. This can enhance the security as well.

7. Backup


Make sure that you have the backup for your data. The hackers may try to access the data of the phone and delete but backing up will make you feel comfortable to fight against them.

8. Tracking of Phone


If you accidentally lose your phone, then with tracking software, you can, at least, track your smartphone back and protect it from getting misused.

9. Wipe your Phone


If you have lost your phone and know that there is nothing you could do, you can simply wipe the data remotely so that it does not get misused at least.

10. Passwords


Last but not the least; you should never save your passwords on the phone especially the transaction related.
These are very effective steps that enhance your mobile security from the hacking attacks. It is always better to follow it immediately as hackers are searching for prays every moment.