Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Facebook is seemingly at odds with Google over the terms and conditions of usage over Google’s Android store. Facebook has been recently using the Play store for promoting, distributing, and installing their own apps, which is in clear violation of the Play Store’s policies.

Google had explicitly threatened several companies, including Facebook, over the alleged distribution of apps that tend to act as independent app stores. Therefore, Facebook is seriously contemplating a switch towards creating their own independent Android store to prevent missing out on a major chunk of Android smartphone users. There is also a serious threat that Google may oust Facebook from their Play store, which will leave Facebook vulnerable.


Facebook App Store

To counteract the effects of a complete exclusion, Facebook is rumored to be working on their own version of App store, similar to the respective stores from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Facebook did not make any public comments regarding such an independent launch and neither has it advertised any intention to split with the search engine giant.

However, the company is thinking along the lines of offering a dedicated app store for Android users who don’t have the Play Store installed on their device.

Facebook is also believed to be in talks with electronic OEM manufacturers with regards to pre-installing their apps on devices before being shipped to retailers. Such a move would be considered feasible, given the complexities involved in launching an app store or choosing another platform such as the Oculus VR app store for hosting proprietary apps.


It is not the first time that companies are launching their own app stores, as the Google Play Store is unavailable in several parts of China, Russia, and several other countries across the globe. Such an independent model can also prove to be lucrative for Facebook, as they will be entitled to a fair share of profits that can be made through their own app store.

Facebook can also work towards cutting down on costs and improve the profit-sharing model to entice existing developers as well as app publishers currently on the Play Store to move on to their platform.