Best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S8 on March 29. Many are excited to see which of the rumors and the speculations are actually true of this flagship. It is always expected that there will be upgrades from the previous year’s model. With these expectations of tweaks in design and function, it is not a wonder that people are also curious about the accessories to look out for when it comes to the Galaxy S8.

Accessories can either be necessary for the ultimate optimized user experience or they could additions that one does not have to get. Some of the top accessories for this flagship include:


Tempered glass protectors

Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Tempered Glass Black


Screen protectors are the first thing that one should buy after the purchase of the S8. The phone’s screen is important and is susceptible to scratches, breakage and corrosion due to dust and other environmental elements. Screen protectors such as the one from Dalinch provide protection for the screen. They are made from high quality material that is self-healing and that has UV protection which prevents yellowing. Also, they don’t affect the screen’s functionality, allowing you to easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 or operate it in all the ways.


Phone cases

galaxy s8 case


Cases are also important as they protect the phone from bumps, dents and breakage in case of falls. Oeago cases are some of the best, with their kickback stand that provides for easy access of the landscape mode. A variety of S8 compatible cases are available on Amazon and they are quite affordable. This is one of those accessories that will not dent your budget.


VR Headset

samsung gear vr


The Samsung VR headset is a must have. It improves the user experience by providing them with Virtual Reality experience. Gaming and watching movies are taken to a whole new level. The headset also improves field of view in addition to improving the controls that are built in. he headset is available for about $100 and definitely pairs well with the new S8.


Wireless Charger

samsung wireless charger


Everyone needs to have juice on the go. It is therefore advisable to get a wireless charger. The Galaxy S8 has both the wireless charging feature, introduced with the Galaxy S7 as well as fast charge. Such an accessory will mean that you never run out of power. It is also very convenient for bedside tables and office desks as opposed to the chargers that clutter space with wires.




While the Galaxy S8 has its own headphones, they are not the best quality in the market. The standard 3.5 mm jack allows the user to purchase any high end, better quality headphones such as those from Beats by Dre to get the full music experience.


Accessories are as important to users as the phone itself. When a flagship has many compatible accessories available, it makes the user experience improved. The S8 has a number of compatible accessories lined up for purchase and each comes at a moderate to steep price. The accessories one buys at the end of the day also depends on the budget they have, that is, what is left after they have already purchased the flagship which is often expensive since it is new in the market.