How To Launch Your New iOS Or Android App

How To Launch Your New iOS Or Android App


Designing and selling an app through an app store has become an immensely lucrative business model. Online businesses and well-known brands can no longer ignore the implications of having a great app, and it is common for most companies to hire expert developers to design an app for both the iOS as well as Android platforms.


However, not all apps find success in their respective niches, and while there were fewer than 500 apps in the iTunes store in 2009, both the Play Store as well as iTunes store have reported more than 1 million apps currently circulating in their app stores. That is an incredible amount of apps that is sure to throw up an immense competition if you are planning on launching your own app for the iOS or Android platforms. So, how to launch your new iOS or Android app and be successful? Read on for some essential tips.

Intensive Research

Research is key to designing and developing an app that will actually benefit the user. You shouldn’t launch an app just to make money, but you should concentrate on improving the user experience by understanding their requirements.

Target The Right App Name And Keywords

The success of the app depends on its name and the industry keywords that it can relate to. Your app should show up in relevant search results, or your app will wither away from the public domain and become dormant within no time.

Promote Your App Well Before Its Launch


You should not wait until the launch date to start your promotions. Initiate your marketing efforts well in advance, and create a hype about your app so that people will actually look forward to your launch.

Hire Beta Testers & Opt For Paid App Testing

Hire beta testers for paid testing during the development phase, so that you can iron out issues and get good feedback about your app’s performance and features. It will also give you a good idea about the response, thereby helping you to improve your app before the actual launch.

Interact With Prospective Audience

Hire a team of marketing experts who can interact with the media as well as the prospective audience so that you can build interest towards your app well before its launch.

Launch The App Extravagantly


If you want to enjoy success with your app, you should launch it extravagantly so that the maximum number of people get to install it on their devices and actually use them. Avoid introducing your app during main events to prevent your launch being overshadowed by major launches or other important announcements.

Entice Users With Rewards & Bonuses

It is always a good idea to reward users with bonuses, and send them marketing materials with push messages. But always remember to moderate your rewards and marketing strategies to ensure that you don’t alienate your user.

Increase Trust With Good Customer Support

Good customer support is always key to continued success in any form of business, and even after launch, a good product is only as good as the customer support. Interact positively with your users and always respond in a courteous and friendly manner.

Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Facebook is seemingly at odds with Google over the terms and conditions of usage over Google’s Android store. Facebook has been recently using the Play store for promoting, distributing, and installing their own apps, which is in clear violation of the Play Store’s policies.

Google had explicitly threatened several companies, including Facebook, over the alleged distribution of apps that tend to act as independent app stores. Therefore, Facebook is seriously contemplating a switch towards creating their own independent Android store to prevent missing out on a major chunk of Android smartphone users. There is also a serious threat that Google may oust Facebook from their Play store, which will leave Facebook vulnerable.


Facebook App Store

To counteract the effects of a complete exclusion, Facebook is rumored to be working on their own version of App store, similar to the respective stores from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Facebook did not make any public comments regarding such an independent launch and neither has it advertised any intention to split with the search engine giant.

However, the company is thinking along the lines of offering a dedicated app store for Android users who don’t have the Play Store installed on their device.

Facebook is also believed to be in talks with electronic OEM manufacturers with regards to pre-installing their apps on devices before being shipped to retailers. Such a move would be considered feasible, given the complexities involved in launching an app store or choosing another platform such as the Oculus VR app store for hosting proprietary apps.


It is not the first time that companies are launching their own app stores, as the Google Play Store is unavailable in several parts of China, Russia, and several other countries across the globe. Such an independent model can also prove to be lucrative for Facebook, as they will be entitled to a fair share of profits that can be made through their own app store.

Facebook can also work towards cutting down on costs and improve the profit-sharing model to entice existing developers as well as app publishers currently on the Play Store to move on to their platform.

Fitness Apps for home workouts

Fitness Apps for home workouts

Staying fit is the best way to improve your health and maintain better life. However, it is not necessary that you need hit gym every day to stay fit and fine. You can do workouts at home and then stay fit. Well, you might be thinking about the coaches for the same. There are many Fitness Apps for Home Workouts that can help you guide and attain better shape, fitness and health.


The Couch to 5K


This is one of the best fitness apps for running. This pocket fitness app can ensure that you stay updated about the performance, You can track your time and share it one social media as well. You can track your progress as well and that keeps you motivated. The best part of the app is that it has audio and video cues as well for the coaching and training stuff.

7 Minute Workouts


This app ensures that you do not need any of the hard hitting gym. The 7 minute procedures can help you to get the correct fitness at home only. The workouts are for 7 minutes and the equipment needed are like stability ball, dumbbells and mat. You have the detailed description of the workouts and also the images that help you to get fit at home.

Tabata Free


You can manage your time and get fit with the 4 minutes of workout. There are eight round of exercises meant for the fitness that you can use. You need to use the timer to adjust the timing. All you have to do is to maintain the perfect timing. Generally, the exercises are for alternative 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. However, it may change according to the exercises. You have the timer with Tabata and the free solution will help you out to get fit with some easy, simple and effortless exercises.

Yoga Pedia


If you can’t go to the Yoga Studio or classes that does not mean you cannot do Yoga. This app can help you to attain best fitness with the Yoga. This app has images and descriptions that can help you to perform more than 100 Yoga at home. There are audio lessons as well, that can help you to understand it even better.

These apps are extremely helpful for the people who do not have time to go for the exercises – good enough to attain fitness for you.

The Simple Idea behind This Mind-Blowing 3D Interactive Sandbox

The Simple Idea behind This Mind-Blowing 3D Interactive Sandbox

Playing in the sandbox used to be my favorite activity as a small child. I remember making pretend volcanos, rivers, lakes,  and tunnels in the sand. Well, researchers at UC Davis have come up with a way to bring those imaginary landscapes to life with interactive 3D projection technology. The results are simply breath-taking!

This amazing interactive sandbox responds to your actions, and can be built at home using common-place technology.


All it takes is a digital projector and a Kinect.


The projector displays an interactive topographic map, with contour and elevation in real-time.


You can make hills and valleys, and the computer changes the projection to match the landscape!


Museums around the world are starting to create their own interactive sandboxes…


It’s not only fun… it’s a great way to teach kids about geography!


If you want to make one of these at home, all it takes is a digital projector, a Microsoft Kinect, a sandbox, and some sand… Then download the software and instructions from UC Davis. I can’t wait to try this!

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The most frequently used iPhone Apps in 2015

The most frequently used iPhone Apps in 2015

As the year ends, the statistics come out for the popular and desired apps for iPhone. It is not different this year as well. There are ranges of Apps available that are beneficial and at the same time are quite handy. However, all of these are not frequently used. The use of apps depends upon the productivity, effectiveness and, of course, uniqueness. Here are the most amazing and frequently used iPhone Apps used in 2015.



This is the most frequently used app for iPhone this year. This is basically used for sharing live broadcasts. This is one of the best apps that turn your video to Live Streaming with just a tap of a button. People on your network can see the broadcast in Periscope or in Twitter. They would get the notifications and can enjoy the broadcast. It can be used for meeting as well. There are people who use the apps for professional purposes. People can also interact with the streaming with their likes and comments. If you want, you can even save the broadcast for your friends to watch later. This is one of the most amazing apps for iPhone. However, all the streaming stored in the apps get expired after 24 hours. Users are not very fond of this and would love to see the time increased. This is a Free App.



This is considered as one of the best editing tools available for the iPhone. This app has accumulated a large number of tools so that editing can be managed beautifully and edited more efficiently. There are filters sketching tool, effects and presets available for editing that help to transform the photos to even better. However, the app is priced at $3.99. Users feel that the features included in the app can be increased in coming times.



As the name suggests, it works for the needy on IOS platform. This is a Free Stock Trading app that helps the people to stock free. It definitely helps to reduce the cost by a considerable amount. Also, the stock trading has become mobile with the app. The intuitive app is known for easy, simple and customized design. The app has even bagged Apple Design Award. However, the customer feels that the time has come to take the app into the next level. 

Read Robinhood App review here.



This is one app that is turning the tides for the professional people. It actually customizes all the work that you want your phone to do. If you want to book a cab on the basis of the calendar, it will do automatically. It can even help you to post photos to Social Sites as per the customization. It saves a lot of time and is very interactive as well. Workflow is available for $2.99 and is working well with the users as of now.




Well, it may be fifth on the list, but it has been declared best app for iPhone 6. You can edit photos with various filters and then share it with 400 million people. This is one of the most popular apps among the users. There is hardly any iPhone that does not have Instagram.

These apps are expected to do well in 2016 as well. However, innovation and creativity are dynamic and new things can change the entire plot within days.