Best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept

Samsung is set to announce the Galaxy S8 on March 29. Many are excited to see which of the rumors and the speculations are actually true of this flagship. It is always expected that there will be upgrades from the previous year’s model. With these expectations of tweaks in design and function, it is not a wonder that people are also curious about the accessories to look out for when it comes to the Galaxy S8.

Accessories can either be necessary for the ultimate optimized user experience or they could additions that one does not have to get. Some of the top accessories for this flagship include:


Tempered glass protectors

Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Tempered Glass Black


Screen protectors are the first thing that one should buy after the purchase of the S8. The phone’s screen is important and is susceptible to scratches, breakage and corrosion due to dust and other environmental elements. Screen protectors such as the one from Dalinch provide protection for the screen. They are made from high quality material that is self-healing and that has UV protection which prevents yellowing. Also, they don’t affect the screen’s functionality, allowing you to easily unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8 or operate it in all the ways.


Phone cases

galaxy s8 case


Cases are also important as they protect the phone from bumps, dents and breakage in case of falls. Oeago cases are some of the best, with their kickback stand that provides for easy access of the landscape mode. A variety of S8 compatible cases are available on Amazon and they are quite affordable. This is one of those accessories that will not dent your budget.


VR Headset

samsung gear vr


The Samsung VR headset is a must have. It improves the user experience by providing them with Virtual Reality experience. Gaming and watching movies are taken to a whole new level. The headset also improves field of view in addition to improving the controls that are built in. he headset is available for about $100 and definitely pairs well with the new S8.


Wireless Charger

samsung wireless charger


Everyone needs to have juice on the go. It is therefore advisable to get a wireless charger. The Galaxy S8 has both the wireless charging feature, introduced with the Galaxy S7 as well as fast charge. Such an accessory will mean that you never run out of power. It is also very convenient for bedside tables and office desks as opposed to the chargers that clutter space with wires.




While the Galaxy S8 has its own headphones, they are not the best quality in the market. The standard 3.5 mm jack allows the user to purchase any high end, better quality headphones such as those from Beats by Dre to get the full music experience.


Accessories are as important to users as the phone itself. When a flagship has many compatible accessories available, it makes the user experience improved. The S8 has a number of compatible accessories lined up for purchase and each comes at a moderate to steep price. The accessories one buys at the end of the day also depends on the budget they have, that is, what is left after they have already purchased the flagship which is often expensive since it is new in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 5

galaxy note 7 vs galaxy note 5

The Galaxy Note 7 is Samsung’s 2016 flagship for the Galaxy Note series. The previous flagship, the Galaxy Note 5, is an older and a less sophisticated model when compared to the new Note 7 was launched in August. There isn’t a Note 6, notably, as Samsung has streamlined branding for its Galaxy series. The Note 7 and its predecessor have some similarities but there are also some obvious differences.

Design and display

While the Note 5 had an S Pen Stylus, the Note 7 also has one and it is improved and better than ever. The Note 7 is also rumored to be a dual edge phablet, veering from the Note’s smooth surface flat design that is evident in the Note 5. The Note 7 further puts itself over the edge as compared to the Note 5 as it has an IP68 water and dust proof feature which has been a long time coming. This feature is similar to that of the S7 and S7 edge and is a favorite with many users as water and dust damages are no longer a problem when it comes to the newest Samsung devices. This feature was not available in the Note 5.

The Galaxy Note 7 is also expected to have a fingerprint sensor and an iris scanner of which the latter is a new feature that was not present in the Note 5. This makes payments even more secure and has so far augured well with users of 2016 flagships such as the S7 and the S7 Edge.

When it comes to the display, some rumors place the screen at 5.7 inches, similar to that of the Note 5 while others place the screen at 5.8 inches. While the former assumption would have the two phablets similar in size, the latter would mean that the Note 7 has lesser pixel density at about 508ppi because of the larger screen. This is not noticeable to the human eye so it would not be a problem either.

Camera, Battery and Processor

The Galaxy Note 5 had a 16 MP back camera and a 5 MP front-facing camera with f/1.9 aperture which is a prerequisite for great photos. The Note 7 is expected to have 12 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front-facing one but with a f/1.7 aperture. While the resolution may have become less, the quality of photos in low light environments has been improved through the improved aperture. In addition to this, the Note 7 is expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor as opposed to the Note 5’s Exynos processor.

It is also rumored to have 4200, 4000 or 3600 mAh battery capacity which is much bigger than the Note 5’s 3000 mAh. Battery power is important to users as a long battery life is synonymous with content customers. The Note 7 further spots a 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal memory storage with an expandable slot which is different from the Note 5’s 4 GB RAM and 32 and 64 GB variants of internal memory.


The Note 7 is definitely a step up from the Note 5. It is worth upgrading to this latest flagship expected in August 2016.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched on August 2.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – A disappointment?

Samsung Galaxy S7 – A disappointment?

Samsung always releases some new flagships every year at the MWC. This year was no different as the Korean company finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge which have been circulating the internet from last year. The rumors had hit an all time peak and the release of the flagship came at the right time. It has come with a number of killer features that are getting raves.

samsung galaxy s7 disappointment

Great features

The battery life of the S7 is at 3000 mAh. This is a step up from the cell that was in the S6. It gives the user more talk time, more juice to access different features and applications without worrying about running out of power and the freedom not to carry an extra battery pack as insurance that the charge will not run out within the day.

The S7 also comes in a waterproof form. It is a great feature that has one of the highest ratings. It can survive half an hour in a shallow pool of water without any damages. Of course you have to wait for it to dry off before connecting it to a charging cable. But you can also use wireless charge it which makes it even better! Can you imagine being able to watch movies in the shower or even using the phone by the pool without worrying about impending danger through submersion?

Let Downs

The S7 has also come with a number of disappointments. The first is the non-removable battery. Sure, there has been an addition in cell power, but people want to carry an extra pack around in case of anything. The ability to remove the battery also helps batteries last longer because they are not charged too much. The non-removable battery is a by-product of the beautiful metal casing and the awesome design. However, most users would prefer to have both, which the S7 does not.

Quick Charge 2.0 is also a disappointment. Why would Samsung use the 2.0 when there is the latest technology in 3.0 which is faster and more efficient? It makes the users feel as if Samsung just threw in the wireless charge feature but was not willing to go the extra mile to improve it.

To add to the disappointments, Samsung has the USB port 2.0 which makes the transfer of files super slow. Well, it could be slower, but that does not negate the fact that Samsung could have looked into having the Type-C port that is being perfected by Google. This would have made transfer of files to PC and other devices faster. Who does not want a faster device?


In as much as the S7 is a great step-up from the S6, Samsung could have done a better job to make users even happier through improved features. On the bright side, it is the newest in the market and is worth the buy although it is quite expensive. We can only hope that Samsung will step up with the next flagship.

Top 10 Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

Top 10 Cases For Samsung Galaxy S4

A case is more than just an accessory. It is a necessary tool that protects your phone from bumps, scratches and even breakage. When you buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy S4, you use quite a pretty penny to get the awesome display that is HD, the smooth performance and the great camera. It is therefore natural to look for the different ways to ensure that the phone is kept in perfect condition. One of these ways is by buying a phone case. The top ten cases to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 are:

The Incipio Atlas Case



It comes in pink, white, black and grey colors. It is available on Amazon at $90. The case provides four layers of protection for your handset. It is dust and waterproof up to 2 meters for thirty minutes. It may be bulky but it is stylish. With the polycarbonate, silicon, TPU mix and a tempered glass, it protects your phone when dropped and helps keep it intact.


PureGear FabFolio Case



This case has card slots and a money pocket on the inside. It costs $30 on Amazon and has a magnetic closure seeing as it is a flip case. It has cut-outs so you can use the phone without removing it. You can also fold it for use when the phone is on landscape mode. This acts as a stand.


Urban Armor Gear Outland Case



For $35 on Amazon, this case provides an industrial design and stands out because the colors are set in contrasting tones. It is attractive and combines a tough exterior with a soft core that absorbs shock so the S4 is protected from falls and drops. It has a transparent variety and other colors to choose from.


Zero Lemon Battery Case



This bulky case also acts as a battery case, adding an extra 7500mAh for your Galaxy S4. It is a mixture of TPU and hard plastics so it can handle bumps and falls thus protecting the phone. It is available on Amazon and costs $40.


Tech21 Impact Mesh Case



The case is made of flexible TPU and a special D30 lining. It protects against the impact due to bumps and falls and is available on Amazon. The case goes for $35 and is smooth and comfortable to hold. It has cut-outs for all the features.


TYLT Energi Case



It is available on Amazon and costs $80. It is a battery case that allows you to slide off the battery when it is not in use. It has the added advantage that it does not block NFC and comes in blue, red and lime green colors for buyers to choose from.


Trident Kraken A.M.S Case



At $22 the case is available on Amazon. It protects from different elements, falls and bumps. It has a screen protector and a kickstand at the back that acts as a stand when the S4 is in landscape mode.


Lifeproof Fre Case



The case is waterproof up to 2 meters. It is snow, shock and dust proof and is available for $80 on Amazon. It is fairly slim for the protection it offers the S4.


Cygnett Black Leather Case



This case is made of genuine leather and has all the cut-outs for all the features. It is classy and provides an executive look. It is available on Amazon and goes for $40.


Mophie Juice Pack



It costs $100. This is quite expensive but the battery case adds an extra 2300mAh battery. It is comfortable to hold but quite heavy. It is available on Amazon.

How To Launch Your New iOS Or Android App

How To Launch Your New iOS Or Android App


Designing and selling an app through an app store has become an immensely lucrative business model. Online businesses and well-known brands can no longer ignore the implications of having a great app, and it is common for most companies to hire expert developers to design an app for both the iOS as well as Android platforms.


However, not all apps find success in their respective niches, and while there were fewer than 500 apps in the iTunes store in 2009, both the Play Store as well as iTunes store have reported more than 1 million apps currently circulating in their app stores. That is an incredible amount of apps that is sure to throw up an immense competition if you are planning on launching your own app for the iOS or Android platforms. So, how to launch your new iOS or Android app and be successful? Read on for some essential tips.

Intensive Research

Research is key to designing and developing an app that will actually benefit the user. You shouldn’t launch an app just to make money, but you should concentrate on improving the user experience by understanding their requirements.

Target The Right App Name And Keywords

The success of the app depends on its name and the industry keywords that it can relate to. Your app should show up in relevant search results, or your app will wither away from the public domain and become dormant within no time.

Promote Your App Well Before Its Launch


You should not wait until the launch date to start your promotions. Initiate your marketing efforts well in advance, and create a hype about your app so that people will actually look forward to your launch.

Hire Beta Testers & Opt For Paid App Testing

Hire beta testers for paid testing during the development phase, so that you can iron out issues and get good feedback about your app’s performance and features. It will also give you a good idea about the response, thereby helping you to improve your app before the actual launch.

Interact With Prospective Audience

Hire a team of marketing experts who can interact with the media as well as the prospective audience so that you can build interest towards your app well before its launch.

Launch The App Extravagantly


If you want to enjoy success with your app, you should launch it extravagantly so that the maximum number of people get to install it on their devices and actually use them. Avoid introducing your app during main events to prevent your launch being overshadowed by major launches or other important announcements.

Entice Users With Rewards & Bonuses

It is always a good idea to reward users with bonuses, and send them marketing materials with push messages. But always remember to moderate your rewards and marketing strategies to ensure that you don’t alienate your user.

Increase Trust With Good Customer Support

Good customer support is always key to continued success in any form of business, and even after launch, a good product is only as good as the customer support. Interact positively with your users and always respond in a courteous and friendly manner.

Jolla Tablet

Jolla Tablet

The World’s First Truly Crowdsourced Tablet

In the world of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, Jolla became the first company to launch the world’s first crowdsourced tablet. The Jolla Tablet was conceived to be a revolutionary approach towards designing and developing a utility oriented tablet and was listed on on November 19, 2014, to raise $380,000 as the seed capital. Deliveries of the new device were slated to begin during May of 2015, and investors were offered an option of pre-ordering the tablet at a discounted price.


The crowdsourcing project met with an incredible response and managed to generate close to 250% of the goal within the first 24 hours. The tablet was priced at $189, which made it an attractive proposition, and the company received 1000 pre-orders as soon as the campaign was listed on Indiegogo. However, the company failed to live up to the expectations, and the deliveries were delayed indefinitely. If recent statistics is to be believed, even the first 1000 orders haven’t been delivered to its buyers as of November 2015.

The Jolla Tablet is powered by an Intel 64-bit 1.8 GHz Quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM and runs on their own proprietary Linux-based platform known as the Sailfish OS. The tablet is available in two storage options, 32 GB and 64 GB, and also has an additional microSD slot for expandable memory that supports up to 128 GB of storage. The Jolla Tablet has a display size of 7.85 inches with 2048 X 1536 resolution at 330 PPI, which promises to offer great texture and depth to colors for the display. This, in turn, offers better clarity and video resolution than other mainstream tablets in the market that includes the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab.


The Jolla Tablet is equipped with a 5 MP primary camera at the back and a 2 MP front-facing camera, along with a 4450 mAh battery that promises a good battery backup. The entire device weighs in under .85 lbs, which makes it an extremely light-weight and practical tablet. It was even awarded the “Best Tablet of the Whole Event” at the Mobile World Congress 2015.

The Jolla website currently lists the tablet as sold-out, but with initial buyers still waiting for their deliveries, we believe that it is hard to come by this tablet anytime soon. However, an unpaid and unofficial version of the Jolla Tablet with an Android OS is available for sale on a Chinese website known as Tabao, but the authenticity of the product cannot be verified. Therefore, if you wish to buy the Jolla Tablet, your best bet is to sign up to their newsletter wait for them open up their order book once again.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S series is Samsung’s answer to the flagship iPhone, and the initial versions of the Galaxy S smartphones had seen tremendous success among buyers. However, the last few versions, especially the Samsung Galaxy S6, failed to live up to the expectations due to a wide variety of reasons. Samsung has taken it upon themselves to return the Galaxy S6 to the top of the echelon, and we can see a host of new features on the Galaxy S7 when compared to the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S7 is expected to be launched during April of 2016.

The Exterior

image00 (1)

The exterior shell of the new Galaxy S7 may be largely unaffected from the S6 series, but we may see a slight improvement in the quality of materials used. Buyers are more concerned about the form factor, which will entice Samsung to use exotic materials to stand apart from the S6 model.

The Screen

According to a leaked internal company presentation, Samsung is gearing up to offer two screen sizes and four versions of the Galaxy S7. This will include the regular S7, S7+, and the S7 Edge, and S7 Edge+ models. Expect the screen sizes to measure at 5.2 inches and 5.5 inches for the regular and plus models respectively. A curved screen option is also expected, especially in the Edge models.

Samsung might also improve the display to incorporate a Force Touch feature to the existing Super AMOLED qHD screen. The resolution will remain similar to the S6 model, and will feature a 1440X2560 display.


As with all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, we do expect a significant improvement in the performance with the introduction of a new model. The Cortex-A53 & A57 CPU in the S6 will be replaced by the Snapdragon 820 CPU in the S7, and the RAM is also expected to be increased to 4GB in the S7 from the existing 3GB in the S6. Samsung might introduce a micro SD card option in the S7, especially if the phone comes with a 32 GB internal storage option, but that is debatable.


image01 (1)

Samsung is rumoured to follow Apple’s footsteps by decreasing the megapixels to 12MP in the S7 from the prevalent 16MP in the S6. This is done to reduce file size and increase the overall quality of the images. The aperture ratio will be reduced to f/1.7 in the S7 from f/2.2 available in the S6 model, which makes it more efficient in low-light conditions and while capturing moving objects.


Samsung Galaxy S7 will feature larger batteries when compared to the S6 model, which will increase the thickness of the phone slightly. However, the advantage is that the phone will have more battery backup.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will offer a lot of features when compared to S6 version, and might even have a water-resistant feature. The entire world is looking forward to the launch to see what Samsung has in store for its consumers worldwide. Expect a premium for the S7 model over the S6 in terms of price, as Samsung is known to increase the price of their models with every new launch.

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Tablet Review

Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Tablet Review

Samsung and Apple have been at the forefront of consumer choice when it comes to understanding user requirements for modern and feature-rich tablets, but they were always a touch expensive to acquire. This is where Huawei begs to differ by bringing their latest offering to the masses. The Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Tablet is the newest addition to the tablet market and promises to provide a lot of features for conventional tablet buyers.



The Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 is a 10-inch tablet that is finished in sandblasted metal finish using an aluminum casing. The entire unit weighs in at 1.1 lbs and is easily one of the most attractive and premium looking tablets in the market. While it is designed and marketed as an affordable Android tablet, the MediaPad M2 10.0 does not come off as a budget tablet in any way and is one of the major selling points for Huawei.

The tablet comes primarily in two different specifications, the Standard edition, and the Premium edition. The Standard edition tablet with the basic specification costs $349 while the Premium Edition costs $419 for the basic spec.



Both the standard as well as the premium versions come with a 10.1-inch display having a maximum resolution of 1200 X 1920 pixels at 224 PPI pixel density. This does not offer the same texture and richness of color as the iPad but does not feel lacking in the entertainment factor either. Powered by an octa-core processor in a dual configuration (Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex A53 + quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53), the standard tablet is equipped with a 2 GB Ram, while the premium version comes with a 3 GB RAM. The storage also varies for both versions, with the standard version offering a 16 GB of internal storage while users can enjoy 64 GB of internal storage in the premium version.

As far as the camera is concerned, the tablet is equipped with a 13 MP primary camera with LED flash and f/2.0 aperture ratio, while the secondary front facing camera offers a 5 megapixels ratio.

The Premium version of the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 also features a stylus, known as the M-pen, which is a great accessory that will complement the design and performance of the tablet. However, there is no slot for holding the M-pen, and there is a chance that you will misplace it in the long run.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 Tablet is the availability of four Harman/Kardon speakers that are located at the top and bottom of the tablet for a revolutionary audio experience. These speakers are supplemented by the SWS 2.0 Surround Sound and Clari-fi Audio Restoration amplifier that will work together to enhance the audio quality.

The company promises an immersive audio experience while playing all types of media, and is oriented at people who use their tablet primarily for gaming or for watching movies and videos. Therefore, if you are looking for an affordable android tablet for entertainment purposes, the Huawei MediaPad M2 10.0 tablet is the answer.

Microsoft Surface Book Review

Microsoft Surface Book Review

Microsoft has done it once again, as it has managed to build a proper laptop that can also be used as a tablet. There have been numerous attempts at creating a hybrid laptop from several leading electronic manufacturers, but most of them failed to live up to their hype due to some expected shortfalls. Sure, there are several affordable ‘convertible’ laptops available in the market, but these are merely glorified versions of existing tablets. Therefore, when it comes to computing power, performance, and utility, Microsoft Surface Book is certainly looking good to rewrite the history books.

So, Is It A Laptop Or A Tablet?


Microsoft Surface Book is primarily a laptop that has a detachable screen and two separate CPUs. Unlike conventional laptop hybrids, you can use the Microsoft Surface just like a laptop, and it even offers the versatility and computing power required to run complex and resource-intensive programs. And when you feel like using it as a tablet, all you have to do is press a button and wait for a confirmation to detach the screen from the body. Once you detach the screen, it can be used as a full-fledged tablet, with its own memory, CPU, and a stylus.


screen shot 2015-10-06 at 11.22.04 am

The Microsoft Surface Book has been designed with the user in mind, and it looks marvelous from any angle. It is slim, elegant, and has a design that will put the MacBook Pro and Chrome Pixel to shame. Sure, there is an awkward gap when you fold the laptop, but it seems like a design feature that supports the hybrid functionality. The exterior of the laptop is made of brushed magnesium and has a fully functional keyboard that is a breeze to use.


Microsoft has been successful in displaying their prowess in design, as the entire laptop is just 12.3 inches wide, but the engineers have managed to stretch the screen size to 13.5 inches diagonally. This puts the Microsoft Surface Book comfortably into the laptop category. Over engineering has also played a vital role in ensuring that the highly touch-sensitive display has a 3000 X 2000 pixels resolution and a 3:2 aspect ratio at 267 PPI. This provides rich color and depth to the screen that comfortably beats the MacBook Pro and Chrome Pixel, both of which will inevitably be compared to the Microsoft Surface Book.


The Microsoft Surface Book can be configured with a Core i5 or i7 processors from Intel along with an Nvidia GPU having 1GB of GDDR5 Memory. You can also opt for an 8 GB RAM or a 16 GB RAM according to your requirements, and the primary storage ranges from 128GB to 1TB PCIe flash storage.

The laptop comes with two USB 3.0 ports, 802.11 ac Wi-Fi network adapter, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, a 5 MP front camera, an 8 MP back camera, an SD card reader, and a battery that can support up to 12 hours of video playback in laptop mode. The entire laptop weighs just under 3.5 lbs, making it extremely light and convenient to carry around.

Price & Where To Buy

Prices for the basic Microsoft Surface Book starts at $1,499 for 128 GB storage and Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB RAM. The top end laptop with 1TB storage and Intel Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM can set you back by $3,199. All version of the Microsoft Surface Book can be ordered online from the official Microsoft Store or other online stores like .

Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Will Facebook Launch It’s Own App Store?

Facebook is seemingly at odds with Google over the terms and conditions of usage over Google’s Android store. Facebook has been recently using the Play store for promoting, distributing, and installing their own apps, which is in clear violation of the Play Store’s policies.

Google had explicitly threatened several companies, including Facebook, over the alleged distribution of apps that tend to act as independent app stores. Therefore, Facebook is seriously contemplating a switch towards creating their own independent Android store to prevent missing out on a major chunk of Android smartphone users. There is also a serious threat that Google may oust Facebook from their Play store, which will leave Facebook vulnerable.


Facebook App Store

To counteract the effects of a complete exclusion, Facebook is rumored to be working on their own version of App store, similar to the respective stores from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Facebook did not make any public comments regarding such an independent launch and neither has it advertised any intention to split with the search engine giant.

However, the company is thinking along the lines of offering a dedicated app store for Android users who don’t have the Play Store installed on their device.

Facebook is also believed to be in talks with electronic OEM manufacturers with regards to pre-installing their apps on devices before being shipped to retailers. Such a move would be considered feasible, given the complexities involved in launching an app store or choosing another platform such as the Oculus VR app store for hosting proprietary apps.


It is not the first time that companies are launching their own app stores, as the Google Play Store is unavailable in several parts of China, Russia, and several other countries across the globe. Such an independent model can also prove to be lucrative for Facebook, as they will be entitled to a fair share of profits that can be made through their own app store.

Facebook can also work towards cutting down on costs and improve the profit-sharing model to entice existing developers as well as app publishers currently on the Play Store to move on to their platform.